Hey Siri!

Siri is now answering over 2 billion questions per week according to Tim Cook report to analysts in October 2016. Credit: Apple

Handwriting on your screen for seamless math.... Credit: MyScript

I am not a intensive use of Siri, actually I am only using it to make calls when I am driving. However, the world is different and rightly so.

In the call conference announcing the results of Apple in the last 2016 quarter Tim Cook stated that Apple is receiving over 2 billion questions to Siri each week.

2 billions is not something you can disregard. Since 2007 Apple sold over 1 billion iPhones and we can expect that about half of them are in use today (101 million are in use in the US). Siri is now available in 36 Countries and 21 languages, so it is not all of them. My personal guessing is that some 100 million people are using Siri on a daily base, which would mean some 20 times per week, 3 times a day. Seen from a single user perspective it is not a lot, but it is a sign that something is starting to change in the way we interface with a phone.  

We are clearly in the early adoption phase and that 2 billions might seem ridiculously small by the end of this decade. 

Are we on the way to get rid of the keyboard? Just five years ago that seemed to me a crazy idea. Now I am starting to consider it among an unlikely possibility by the end of this decade and something that might happen during the next one.

I have seen the tremendous advances in writing recognition on tablets (try out MyScript on the iPad pro and have fun!) and this along with voice recognition can provide a solid interface making a keyboard redundant.

The way we interact with our artefacts is important because it shapes the perception we have of them and eventually leads to completely new categories of devices. 

Author - Roberto Saracco

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