Hey! Is the iPhone 7 a Phone?

The new iPhone 7 looks great in the Apple Keynote presentation. Strange though, never once they mentioned that it is a phone.... Image Credit: Apple

I was one of the millions people watching the Apple Keynote. I don't know about you but what impressed me most was what was missing.

Throughout the keynote not a single time any of the persons that alternated on the stage mentioned the fact that the iPhone 7 is a Phone, no one talked about its effectiveness in signal reception (the only reference was a sort of apology saying that the antenna is now almost invisible...), nor about the voice quality (but they boasted on the amazing audio quality for listening to music).
The reasons to buy an iPhone 7 apparently are: 

  • its better screen that lets you appreciate better the amazing pictures it can take
  • the increased performances of its graphic chip and its processor that would let you play more complex games in a fluid way
  • the great music you can listen to leveraging on wireless airbuds and stereo loudspeakers
  • the wonderful design with a smooth seamless continuation of the glass into the case
  • the longer lasting battery that will let you surf the web, watch movies, listen to music and play games ...
  • the waterproof construction that lets you take it on rainy hikes and in the pool.

If you go back to 2007, to the first iPhone presentation, most of the talk focussed on what a marvellous phone it was.

Clearly 9 years are an epoch in this world. Yet it is something to think about. It could be just marketing, you emphasise what people wants to hear, but at the same time it means acknowledging that culture (and expectations) have changed.

Reading between the lines I also find that the iPhone 7 with it huge processing power and extended battery life can be one of the first example of a 5G terminal. It can immediately move from one radio channel to another because it is monitoring all of them at the same time, it can potentially become a network node at the edges (some of the stuff about seamless collaboration in iWork should not be difficult to translate into a local management of cooperative endeavour among phones). So its processing power can turn out handy because it is a phone, not just because it is a game station.

It is also packed with sensors and it is more and more opening these sensors to third party applications. This may go along the line of SDN and on the exploitation of sensors networks by third parties applications.

So, although they never mention the "phone" it might turn out that the iPhone 7 could become a "new phone", a patch in the 5G quilt.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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