Having fun drawing objects in the air

Use the pen to create 3D objects drawing them in the air. Credit: 3Doodle

This month, May 2015, the first 3D pens from 3Doodle - an Australian company- will start to ship.  

3D printers have entered the mass market space getting below the 1,000$ thresholds. A nozzle heat a plastic wire and being controlled by a computer works like a 3D plotter drawing an object over a surface.

The 3Doodle pen gets rid of the computer and relies on your hand (and brain) to draw an object. The pen is hollow and you feed it with a plastic wire that melts in the nozzle creating a sticking filament that immediately solidifies. 

It is more a gadget than a "professional" tool but it clearly enhances creativity and can be a good tool for advertisers and for anyone wishing to provide a captivating way to represent ideas.

What I like is to see another technology providing a new way of expression that was unthinkable just few years ago.

To see how they work take a look at the clip!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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