Happy Easter!

One of the 500 Apps on the iTunes Store to celebrate Easter on your iPad

Happy Easter to all, to those who celebrate it and to those who don't! 

In the English speaking Countries the Easter Egg is sometime substituted, or flanked, by the Easter Bunny (and Easter has its English roots in the goddess Eostra, goddess of fertility and Spring).

I am presently in Hong Kong, plenty of Easter Eggs all around, even though Easter is not rooted in Asia. 
It is a Christian festivity that has been rapidly adopted all over the world and now it smells of business: in the US alone there is an estimated cost per family of 131$, that is 14.7 B$!

It shouldn't come as a surprise (that's what you get inside the egg...) to see that on the iTunes Store there are many Apps tied to Easter; I counted 500 of them for the iPhone and iPad, and 250 Apps on the Android store!

That's amazing. However, this Easter I will stay on the beaten track and nibble at a chocolate egg, and I wish you can do the same!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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