Guess what you've got there!

This band for the Apple Watch hides two digital cameras... Amazing. Credit: CMRA

The Apple Watch does not have a digital camera to take pictures of what you see, nor selfies. You don't need to suffer any more.

CMRA is about to release (early 2017) a band for the Apple Watch with two video camera, one facing you with a 2Mpixel sensor and the other pointing outward with an 8 Mpixel sensor. And you can pre-order it right now at an introductory price of 149$.

The forward facing camera is intended for video calls and for selfies, the outward camera is for HD videos and high definition photos. A tap on the band and you take a photo, keep pressure on the band and you shoot a video; two taps will switch from one camera to the other. CMRA claims the battery charge supports hundreds of shots or 30' video filming.

You can easily manage your photos and videos with the associated App.

Aren't you amazed at the level of miniaturisation a digital camera has reached? You can fit two of them, with their sensors, processing chips, storage chip (8GB) and battery in a watch band. Yes, I know, miniaturisation is far greater if we look inside a chip with transistors size now down to 10nm, but I have to confess I am more impressed by two digital cameras ending in a watch band then by the infinitesimal size of a transistor!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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