First 8k broadcasting transmission

A visual difference between HD television and 8k television. Credit: NHK

NHK, the Japanese broadcasting company, has announced the first transmission of television signals in 8k resolution. This comes just few weeks after RED announced the new Helium sensor and after LG and Sharp showcased their 8k televisions (at a prohibitive price).

The transmission of the 8k signal is taking place over a satellite link and will be showcased on six special screens in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro to watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

The broadcasting is coming at least three years sooner than expected. The overall cost is still far too big to consider this as a commercial service. Not just the 8k screens, also the bandwidth used for the satellite transmission is very very expensive.

Yet, as it happened before it will be just a matter of time to see the price spiralling down and by the next decade I am pretty sure that 8k will start to appear in a few, and then in more and more places, to end up in our homes before the end of the next decade.

At that point it won't be alone. Very likely, augmented reality will have become common and video will be part of many surfaces in our homes, at school, on the road. Our perception of the world will likely change significantly.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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