Just announced at CES, a computer in a flash pen format. Credit: Intel

Computer chips have shrunk over the year but still we have been used to see a computer in terms of a substantial box or, in the last few years, in terms of a tablet.

Clearly there are computers everywhere, our cell phone is a computer in a different form factor, as the remote control or the the microwave oven.... But these devices/appliances are not what we use to call a computer.

Now at CES Intel has announced tow new "computers", one in the shape of a button, another in the shape of a flash pen.

The former, being a button ;-) is of course targeted to wearable, the latter is a stand alone computer running MS Windows 8 or Linux that can be plugged into a television having a USB port to provide you with computation power for your spreadsheets, word processing and any other task you are used to do on your normal computer.

You can read the announcements in the links above.

What I find interesting is that we are starting to see computation as an "add on". It is no longer buying a computer, rather you keep a computation support in your pocket and you plug it in onto a screen, but I guess it might soon be the USB port in your car dashboard, the USB you find at your seat on a plane ....

Author - Roberto Saracco

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