Being serious about IoT

Wuxi is the China Capital for IoT. Major events are organised there and in Shanghai, forty minutes away by high speed train.

Yesterday I had the opportunity of visiting Wuxi, China, and meeting with several Telecommunications Companies, with a few industries and representatives of the Jiangnan University, and visiting the Research Centre on Internet of Things, 2,000 researchers strong. 

I learnt that the Chinese Government has decided in 2009 to appoint Wuxi as the focus point for IoT research, innovation, manufacturing and experimentation, with an overall investment of 46B Yuan (that is over 5 billions €) in the period 2012-2020. So far this initiative has attracted over 300 industries employing 126,000 people and spanning over a variety of applications, including intelligent transportation, geo-ambient, healthcare, agriculture, commerce, trade, process automation and Smart Cities,  with a total turnover reaching 14B yuan (over 1.5 B€) in 2013.  

Their slogan for Wuxi is: one innovation one demonstration zone and they are showcasing their effort and results annually.

Now, this is what I would call being serious about IoT!

The visit was organised to express the interest of Wuxi to become part of the IEEE Smart Cities  Initiative.

They also expressed a strong interest in collaboration with other research and innovation centres.

The IoT area is so broad that no one is going to be able to cover it all and collaboration makes sense.

 Every time I visit China I am astonished by their capacity to dedicate massive effort in what they want to pursue and in their capability to blend research with massive industrial manufacturing.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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