Augmented Reality pushing forward

Flying a drone and seeing as if you were on board, using Epson BT-300 glasses for an augmented reality experience. Credit: Epson

Drones are taking a stronger foothold in the mass market. I have already seen quite a few people flying drones in many places. Just last month as I was vacationing in Curacao I spoke with a tourist that was flying a drone to take video clips of the city and the bridge from above. While chatting with him I asked how was he keeping in control with the drone once it disappeared from his sight.  He told me that he tried to keep it on sight "most of the time" and had a panic button to push to send the message "come back home!".

One of the point he mentioned was the difficulty in getting a good footage since he had to review the clip once the drone was back and make several trials before getting a good shot.

Well I guess he will be pleased to know that Epson has signed a partnership with DJI to develop Augmented Reality solutions for drone flyers.

They are proposing to use their BT-300 glasses, see photo, that should be available at the end of this year (I guess in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping) to get a view as if one were on the drone itself.

I find interesting to see more solutions coming up for Augmented Reality and more applications for it. Google glass did not succeed to really win the market but it surely opened the way. More and more products are now becoming available as projection technologies improve. I would expect to see a tipping point early in the next decade as smart phones will start to be flanked by wearables (although I do not foresee their disappearance any time soon).

The smart phone itself is a good tool to experience augmented reality although it is not as seamless as a pair of glasses would be.

Augmented reality is likely to have a significant effect in many areas of our life, in the way we perceive our cities (and smart cities should that AR seriously), in the way we learn and interact with the world.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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