As thin as it gets

The under 1mm thick television screen presented by LG. Dream about it for a few more years.... Credit: LG

LG has announced a wall paper like television that I would just love to have back home.

It is less than 1 mm thin (i cannot say it is 1 mm thick...) and it is based on OLED technology, hence its image quality is superb!

It weights 1.9kg (quite a bit if you think how thin it is) and can be hanged on any wall provided you have some magnetic hook that will sustain it.

Wish to move it somewhere else? Just peel it out of the wall and stick it on another one....

So far it is a prototype so we'll have to wait a few more years to hang it on our walls. Looking forward to see it in my living room (and then moving it to my bedroom, when I get a longing to lay down).


Author - Roberto Saracco

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