... and so this is Christmas

The first commercial Christmas Card known was ordered by Henry Cole in 1843, 1,000 copies, and was designed by John Horsley. Credit: Evangelical Alliance

I remember when Christmas also used to be a time for sending and receiving Christmas cards. It is less an less so. I do not have extensive statistics, although I remember at the turn of the century I ordered through my secretary some 500 Christmas Cards to send to acquaintances. Now I am not sending a single Christmas card anymore (shame on me).  
In UK an estimated of 275M£ were spent on Christmas Cards in 2005; this fell to 200M£ in 2014 and I suspect it is further down now.

It is yet another indicator of the times, and changing of habits. 
I am getting older and older and Christmas Cards still means something to me, a "something" that has not been replaced by mails, specially not by the hundreds of mails generated by exploders flooding my mail box, several times over, since many people find convenient to click a "reply to all" thus multiplying the flooding.

And yet, I am also pleased to use the cyberspace to wish all readers of my blog Happy Holidays, wherever you are, whatever your creed

... may this time be merry and full of hopes you can work on to fulfil in the coming year!

Buone Feste


Author - Roberto Saracco

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