And here it is!

The SanDisk 1TB SD card. Well before the end of the decade the 1 TB milestone has been reached. Credit: SanDisk

At Photokina 2016 SanDisk revealed the first prototype of a 1 TB SD card, that is 1,000 GB of storage capacity.

I have repeated a number of times in this blog that we should have expected the 1TB SD card to become available in the mass market by the end of this decade.  And now there is proof. The one showed at Photokina is just a prototype, true, but we are still 3 years away from the end of this decade.

It is worth remembering that at Photokina 2014 (two years ago!) SanDisk showed a prototype of a 512 GB SD card. Today you can get one from Amazon for under 200$.

Hence it is not hard to forecast that by 2018 we might get the 1TB SD card for about the same price (the price keeps going down at least 50% every two years) and for about 100$ by 2020.

Only 5 years ago it seemed science fiction to talk, as I did, about having 1TB in your smartphone. Now it is just a matter of waiting a bit more.

Just three weeks ago in my post on SneakerNets I claimed that 1TB storage capacity in our phones by decade hand was a reasonable expectation and that would change the way we "consume" data and the very architecture of internet data distribution.

The ever growing  storage capacity, transmission capacity and processing capacity is changing the balance of where it makes sense to do things in the cyberspace, it changes the architecture of services on the web.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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