A quantum lab at your fingertip

General view of the interactive quantum lab. Credit: Quantum Nanophysics group, University of Vienna; Image: Mathias Tomandl & Patrick Braun.

The Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna is offering a realistic quantum lab to perform experiments on line using computer simulation. It has been developed by university students also involving high school students.

It is the first time that an engaging environment is made available to the public for learning quantum physics.  Mathias Tomandl, who led the development, calls this an equivalent of a flight simulator for quantum physics.

It is really nice to see how development in software, and in processing capacity, can bring to our fingertips what would have required billion dollars in equipment and space.

It is not clear to me if this quantum lab would support "discovery", probably not since it is running on accepted quantum theory and the new discoveries are actually expected to lead to a modification of this theory. Nevertheless, it is a very good education tools that could at least serve the purpose of attracting more young people to the magic of physics.


Author - Roberto Saracco

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