60TB in a single SSD

A monster SSD memory holding 60 TB, enough to store 400 million photos or 12,000 movies. Credit: Seagate

Seagate has presented a pre-commercial 60TB SSD memory declaring that it has not set a definitive date for a commercial release although it may be as soon as Spring next year.

This quadruple the record storage space so far hold by Samsung with its PM1633a having a capacity of 15.36TB at a price around 10,000$. Sure it is a lot, but it is 65c per GB (as of middle of 2016 the lowest SSD price per GB was around 38c) and it is top of the line technology.

The format size of the Seagate 60TB SSD is 3.5", versus the Samsung 2.5". Still it has double density than the Samsung PM1633a SSD.

The price, once it will hit the market will be out of range for the mass market but it will be of interest to companies managing data bases since it will decrease the space needed. And, as the past has shown, in some 5 to 10 years this gigantic storage will find a way into our homes and devices. Which of course begs the question? What should I do with such a storage? Well, it is basically the same question I was asking when I bought one of the first 4MB flash card and the roadmap showed that in 10 years time there would have been 1GB cards.  Today I have two 64GB SD cards in my digital camera....

What I think is that this sort of storage (even much smaller ones, like 1 or 2 TB) in our smart phones will transform them into data centres, for ourselves and for the Fog. 5G will be both an enabler and a consequence of this increase in storage beyond our immediate need to use it. We will be willing to share it with others and that will crete the Fog!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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