40Gbps to kick a ball

The Santa Clara Stadium where the 50th Super Bowl took place on February 7th, 2016

Passing through San Francisco the day after the Super Bowl event, the 50th, and I can feel the emotion in the valley. 
What piqued my attention was the technology that permeated the Super Bowl.

The Santa Clara Stadium, brand new - inaugurated in 2014-, is connected to the web with a 40Gbps pipe feeding WiFi hot spots distributed through the stadium, one every hundred seats.

The cabling extend for 600+km to serve all the connectivity points, screens and computers at the stadium.

A Cloud was virtually looming over the stadium providing the processing, communications and storage facilities supporting real time experience "internet-mediated" (see clip).

Each player had a special RFID tag embedded on his shoulder pad. Zebra has provided the system to track players movement on the filed. The RFID tags are read by 20 receivers around the playing field providing a location precision down to the centimetre. This information is passed to the coaches allowing them to examine the play in ways that were never possible before.

This same information can be shared to applications (hoovering in the Cloud) that can use it in innovative ways.

Virtual reality goggles like the ones developed by StriVR provide the possibility to become part of the game seeing with the eyes of a player and then starting your own game, with sensors embedded in the goggle that perceive where you are looking at...

The future was playing in Santa Clara...

Author - Roberto Saracco

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