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Gilles Betis - New action line leader for FUTURE URBAN LIFE & MOBILITY

EIT ICT Labs is proud to announce the appointment of Gilles Betis as the action line leader for the new FUTURE URBAN LIFE & MOBILITY action line, which is the merger of the former “Digital Cities of the Future” and “Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems” action lines.

During more than 20 years Gilles Betis has been involved in Thales in the design of complex systems, either in the field of military air-defence and transportation systems (e-ticketing, road tolling, integrated communication and supervision), anytime in an international and multi-industrial environment.

More recently he has been appointed as Smart City and Mobility Solution Leader in Thales Communication and security in Vélizy (France).

Holding positions of product line manager, marketing manager and solution leader, he has been constantly involved with prospective, innovation and product design matters. Through a holistic systemic approach, his goal was always to link up emerging behaviours and societal needs to innovative technological solutions, allowing a smooth adoption by final users.

Facing the challenges to make a more and more complex urban environment desirable for the citizens, facing the necessity for public authorities to organize efficiently the activities on their area of responsibility, information technologies appear as a key enabler to provide the right answers to these new requirements, as well as a way to develop new usages and new citizenship at a European continental scale. Furthermore, mobility is most of the time an excellent incentive to rethink urban time and space organization, and relationship between people and their territory.

In a close cooperation with other action line, embedding top-level European industrial, research and academic skills, FUTURE URBAN LIFE & MOBILITY action line will be a key tool to serve 21st century cities evolution.  “I’m both proud and excited to join a team with such a great ambition and dynamism”, says Gilles.

Gilles BETIS is an Engineer graduated in 1987 from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité in France.

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