Meet EIT ICT Labs Master School at the major student fair trade in Paris

EIT ICT Labs Master Students in France 2012-13

On 8 and 9 of February a major student fair trade will take place in Paris, Le Salon spécial Masters & MBA. 

The EIT ICT Labs Master School will mobilize to inform a large public about all opportunities it offers to raise entrepreneurial talents on a European level, generating new experts in innovation.

The EIT ICT Labs Master program is a two year program with seven technical majors and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in ICT.  

Students will learn about building a future prosperous career, starting their first year at Université Pierre et Marie CurieUniversité Paris SudUniversité de Rennes 1 or Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis.   

During the fair, further information will be delivered through two conferences held by EIT ICT Labs: "High Education and Masters" and "Masters Assets". 

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