Meet EIT Digital start-ups at Stockholm Tech Fest – the Unicorn Factory expo

In 2014 the STHLM Tech Fest brought together more than 50 top investor groups, 100 of Stockholm's most exciting startups and 3,000 attendees - this year the organisers try to double those figures. 

EIT Digital business developers - Agneta Jacobsson, Tobias Vahlne, Björn Hovstadius and Raoul Stubbe are all there promoting startups from the Stockholm ecosystem – Furhat Robotics, Severalnines and Evothings and looking out for new talents and 

Severalnines is a provider of infrastructure management software. Their database automation product, a platform called ClusterControl, cut down time for businesses to deploy, monitor, manage and scale multiple open source databases. Management of databases is increasing in complexity as companies need to meet higher uptime requirements for their data, plus provide security when it is distributed across public/private clouds in a diverse, virtualised infrastructure. Customers include Orange, BT and Cisco to manage MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

Evothings is a mobile application enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, helping developers and technology players that have the need to create and prototype mobile applications and deliver services that interface with their technologies. HyperReload technology is at the core of the platform, taking away the need to save, compile, package and deploy code across multiple devices when testing applications  - saving hours of development time!

Furhat Robotics is at the cutting edge of social robotics. Furhat uses back-projection technology and 3D facial animation to render a robot head with a very human-like and natural looking appearance. Connected to the robot head are various sensors, such as Kinect, cameras and microphones to give the robot the ability to sense and act with the outside world. In addition, there is a software solution that gives the robot advanced conversational capabilities. Furhat Robotics won the Serendipity Challenge 2015 award “Swedish Startup of the Year”. 

Apprl is a social commerce platform that connects publishers, online stores and consumers through smart digital tools that make life easier for everyone. The platform helps publishers to grow and earn money on their content, it also helps online stores to drive sales and increase their reach and it helps people to shop where they’re inspired and get inspired where they shop. The team behind Apprl believe they can completely transform the way shopping works today through technology, mobility & outstanding user experiences.

The Sthlm Tech fest gathers hundreds of start-ups in the exhibition hall of the Waterfront building in downtown Stockholm and offers a speakers´ programme with keynotes from the CEOs of Spotify, Skype, Klarna and other Swedish unicorns as well as business experts, finance analysts, serial entrepreneurs etc. One of the entrepreneurs on stage is Dina Titkova, BioSync Technologies, a spinoff company from research carried out in EIT Digital Health and Wellbeing activities in the Swedish Node.  

Sthlm tech community manager, Tyler Crowley, has managed to arrange that the event starts with ringing the bell at Nasdaq, by the Mayor of Stockholm Karin Wanngård and the Swedish minister of Enterprise and Innovation, Michael Damberg. See the full program and learn more about the speakers, start- ups and Stockholm tech scene at

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