Innovation Day 2018 in Budapest

Venue: Info Park, Öbölház, Budapest

Date: 27 November 2018, from 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM


EIT Digital’s annual innovation event is back in town yet again! As part of a Europe-wide event series, our Budapest node will host leading figures from the European innovation arena to showcase the hottest digital transformation trends in industry, tech business and related policymaking.

This time autonomous systems will be focused on. Don’t miss this one-off opportunity to find out about the latest by enjoying keynotes, panel discussions and networking.

Audience and Lineup:

A select international mix of EIT Digital’s ecosystem, both from CEE, the Nordics and the West, including

·       corporations active in autonomous vehicles and smart cities (e.g., Bosch, Tungsram),

·       government and business representatives of ZalaZone Autonomous Proving Ground,

·       scaleups from the EIT Digital Scaleup Accelerator (active in autonomous systems, self-driving vehicles and smart city solutions),

·       EIT Digital early stage startups from across Europe, active in autonomous systems and digital cities,

·       leaders of EIT Digital’s Autonomous Systems Master Programme, the first and leading European education program in tech,

·       Further select stakeholders include:

Confirmed speakers

  •  Kal Gyimesi, WW Offering Leader, IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles, Richmond, VA (Ollie self-driving bus)
  • Stéphane Péan, European head of EIT Digital’s Smart Cities Action Line, former PM of Toyota Connected Company and former head of ITS France
  • Jörg Bauer, President & CEO of Tungsram Group
  • Dávid Vitézy, Public Transport and Urban Mobility Expert, former CEO of Centre for Budapest Transport and  former ministerial commissioner for planning the restructuring of the national rail and bus service operations in Hungary.


More details coming soon.

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