ICT4MPOWER - Innovation and entrepreneurship in an African rural setting!

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Welcome to our 2nd Wednesday Lunch talk at Stockholm Co-location Center, Isafjordsgatan 26, floor 3, elevator C

Date and time: October 17, 11 am- 1 pm

Rustam Nabiev: ICT4MPOWER Innovation and entrepreneurship in an African rural setting
-Light lunch and networking

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Social entrepreneurship and Innovation in an African rural setting
ICT4MPOWER is an integrated healthcare information management system providing the backbone for the delivery of public healthcare at the point of need. The development project, which is a collboraiton between stakeholders in Uganda and Sweden, targets crititcal challenges in information management, continuity of care, work processes, outpatient management, transparency, as well as priority cases; child and maternal healthcare and HIV/AIDS (cronich disease management). Focus is on improving transparency and management of scarce resouces: technical, human, and drugs supply. 

Rustam Nabiev, coordinator, will talk about some of the innovations that were developed considering local circumstances; the system itself, the app developer enabling local management and further development of the system, the community outreach program utilising time freed up from the clinicians higher up in the health care chain to supply professional health care services at the point of need (including cool bag which enables last mile transport of vaccines) and HIV/ AIDS patient management system. 
The team members are social entrepreneurs –they have identified a pressing social problem and solved it on a large scale - bearing in mind that it should be sustainable in an African setting. What challenges did they encounter? How do you stick to the plan – limit the scope but include necessary new components? Join us next Wednesday to get answer to some of these questions. 

Rustam Nabiev is Research Engineer at Karolinska University Hospital, Biomedical Engineering Department. Rustam has a Master Degree in Communications Systems from the Royal Institute of Technology and dedicates lifetime purpose to bring disruptive healthcare business models and technologies to achieve accessible and affordable healthcare services at the point of need. At Karolinska he is project leader for several large-scale projects in Europe, Russia and Africa. Special emphasis is put on the development of multi-sided platforms, innovative health apps, Integrated Electronic Health Record Systems, and social networks for healthcare. Rustam has more than 10 years’ experience in the field as well as long experience of agile management of large scale international projects. 

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