EIT ICT Labs showcasing smart retail at EuroCIS fair

EIT ICT Labs has chosen retail as one of key areas where information and communication technologies can improve the quality of life and reach economic growth. To accelerate the international growth of four retail companies belonging to EIT ICT Labs business community we are together showcasing in EuroCIS, Europe’s biggest retail technology fair, on February 24-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

At EuroCIS linking offline and online channels, bricks and mortar and E-commerce will be highlighted even more than previous years. People’s shopping habits are changing rapidly. More and more people go to physical shops just to try out things, but then compare prices and buy online. The traditional brick-and-mortar shops are actively looking for completely new ways to attract customers. Multichannel retail is becoming the global standard in retail and a key success factor for more and more companies.

The companies sharing a stand with EIT ICT Labs are: 

Proxible is a high tech start-up from the Netherlands specialized in the area of 'Internet of Things'. Proxible provides retailers, cities and amusement parks with new tools to make their products and services more visible. Their location based platform makes environments smart by connecting online information with physical objects. Proxible has developed dedicated end-to-end solutions for retail, city exploration and leisure.

Roidu is a platform for controlling mobile device network’s content and infrastructure, closing the loop between digital signage, mobile and web at any venue. Roidu provides cost benefits to research and digital signage with zero dependency on mobile content and hardware. Roidu is a Finnish company. 

Selitera's patented Semantic Light concept can be used for instance on the mannequins in the shop window. The shopper passing by the window can, using the app, point her phone to the product she is interested in. The product will lit up and more information about it will appear on her phone. With just one click she can also purchase it. Semantic Light is a transformational, game changing technology that has its main applications in connecting the physical space with the digital and hence has major impacts in the Internet of Things in areas like consumer electronics, retail, advertising, healthcare, energy management, automotive and electronic and IC manufacturing. See video on the Semantic Light retail concept

Zoined Retail Analytics service helps retail chains monitor and plan their sales easily, visually and comprehensively. With automated email reports and browser based analytics you can keep track of your business any time, anywhere, also on mobile devices. Getting started does not require an IT project. Zoined comes from Finland. 

Meet us at EuroCIS Hall 10, stand B58

Blending the physical and the online worlds

EIT ICT Labs aims to boost local businesses for instance by introducing ways to understand customer movement, intentions and their shopping profile and to offer more personalized services. We will support retailers to create better shopping experiences with augmented reality, interactive screens and intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting could be used for fitting rooms changing lighting based on the garment you are trying on or when at a shop browsing through their catalogue the physical product you are interested in will be illuminated. By blending on-line and in-store services the customers can experience products in real and still have access to large categories and delivery services.

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