EIT Digital London to host a roundtable on “Building cities of the future” with San Diego Trade Mission

San Diego, California

San Diego, California

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

  • Tuesday 17th October EIT Digital London will host a roundtable from 1:30PM to 3:00PM on "Building Cities of the Future" with the San Diego Trade Mission, considered as a global leader in the smart cities sector.
  • This roundtable sets the beginning of further collaborations to come between the San Diego Trade Mission, the EIT Digital London Node and the EIT Digital hub in Silicon Valley.
  • It will also be an opportunity for high profile companies in the UK to create business contacts with the San Diego Trade Mission in London and across the whole of the UK from 19 to 21 October 2017.

"As experts in digital cities innovations at EIT Digital, we are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the building of a deep relationship between the City of London and the city of San Diego in order to create business opportunities in technology of the world's most innovative cities" explains Morgan Gillis, the newly arrived London Node Director at EIT Digital.

Dr. Nikia Clarke, Executive Director, World Trade Center San Diego continues "As debates in the US and UK about the value and positive impact of global trade continue, the responsibility falls to cities - and their businesses and leaders - to forge mutually beneficial economic relationships. WTC San Diego & Congressman Scott Peters are proud to lead a delegation of nearly 30 business leaders to London and Cambridge to strengthen ties between our great cities."

"In particular, both our cities have companies and leaders who are willing to pursue and deploy smart cities technologies that will shepherd in an era of better services and more responsive communities. We are proud to partner with EIT Digital to host a robust conversation on smart cities and the companies that are making them smart."

Fergie Miller, the UK lead for Smart Cities & Intelligent Mobility for EIT Digital and curator of the roundtable adds: "I'm looking forward to having a forthright discussion between the San Diego Trade Delegation and our smart city stakeholders from London and the broader UK ecosystem that includes Siemens, UCL, Future Cities Catapult, Imperial College London and Greater London Authority".

Spokespersons of the roundtable include:

  • Congressman Scott Peters, House Energy and Commerce Committee
  • Morgan Gillis, London Node Director, EIT Digital
  • Mitch Mitchell, Vice President, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Graeme Davison VP, Business Development & Marketing, Qualcomm HALO
  • David Martell, CEO, ChargeMaster
  • Julie Alexander, Director, Urban Development at Siemens plc
  • Professor John Polak, Director, Urban Systems Laboratory at Imperial College London

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