Discover the full scale of Europe digital innovations at CES 2018

CES 2018

Europe is building an unique tech ecosystem defined by deep tech expertise, incredible diversity and a collaborative approach with traditional industry and R&D. At this event the actors of the tech ecosystem will present the state of innovation in Europe where entrepreneurs create value for consumer-citizens by harnessing disruptive technologies and new business models for the benefit of the people, the planet and society.

The diversity of cultures and talents provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and thinkers, shaping a different brand of innovations designed for the consumers-citizens to address societal and environmental challenges. As the State of European Tech Report 2017 puts it "the probability that the next industry-defining company could come from Europe - and become one of the world’s most valuable companies - has never been higher".

Come and meet those who shape the digital future of Europe and strive to make the world a better place. The team of country experts, tech entrepreneurs and policy makers will answer these key questions:

  • Scaling up in Europe: what has changed in the past years? Is it time for the rise of new European tech champions?
  • A better internet for everyone: how Europe can contribute in its own way to this shared goal?
  • Is there a new innovation model emerging in Europe with a different relationship between entrepreneurs and consumers?

Date & time: January 9, 2018 (3:30-5:00 PM)
Venue: CES - Tech West, Sands Expo

Contact: Patrick Consorti (

Discover the full scale of Europe digital innovations at CES 2018

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