Digital Industry Series - Digitrends / Logistics

Digital Industry Insider Series - Digitrends / Logistics

Driving digital transformation - one industry at a time! In the spotlight: Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Digitrends/Logistics aims at fostering discussion among corporates, research institutions and SMEs on the challanges of driving digital transformation in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The event will feature high-level keynotes from industry greats offering a glimpse of the experience, anticipation and challenges of going digital.

Joining the discussion we also invited research institutions, EIT Digital partners, startups, scaleups and other tech providers to highlight some of the solutions already in existence or in the making. Besides idea generation for future Innovation and Entrepreneurship projects, there will be a strong focus on B2B matchmaking opportunities to explore.

The English-speaking event will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on November 7, 2018 and will be held at Hotel Gellért in Budapest, Hungary.

If you are interested in the future of Digital Industry and what keeps the head of logistics up at night at industry giants such as MOL, Campden, Budapest Airport Inc. and the like then Digitrends/Logistics is the place to be!

EIT Digital Hungary is proud to have the support of the following industry association in helping to make Digitrends/Logistics a successful matchmaking event: Budapest Airport Regional Development Cluster.


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Should you be interested in presenting your corporation's view and outlook on embracing digital transformation or promoting your enterprise tech solution, please contact the organizers (



8:00 a.m. Arrivals and Registration
9:00 Welcome and Introduction - László Gulyás, director, EIT Digital Hungary

Pitch1 Roos Rooijakkers: BrightCape
Autonomous Warehouse and Last mile Delivery – the journey defines the future

Keynote - József Kossuth, Cargo Manager, Budapest Airport Co. - member of the Budapest Airport Development Region Cluster: Budapest Airport Cargo Developments, Challenges of digitalisation in the air cargo business.

Pitch 2 Lee Eden: kg3
Big data in freight procurement and tender management

Keynote - György Firbás, Logistics Executive (ZVF), Lecturer and Consultant (HIPA, ITM, European Logistics Association): Digital aspects of multimodal transportation and Leangreen

Pitch 3 Gergely Ellenrieder: Aeriu
Inventory from the air

Keynote - Matteo Arru, Operational Excellence Senior Expert at MOL: Fluid logistics - Digitalizing the Fuel transportation

10:25 Coffee Break
10:40 Welcome and Introduction - Petri Liuha, Action Line Leader - Digital Industry, EIT Digital

Pitch 4 Paolo Gamberoni: Creactives
Artificial Intelligence for the Supply Chain

Keynote - István Szabó, Vice President of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH)
Redifing the role of NKFIH in the digital era

Pitch 5 Peter Wackerbauer: SonoBeacon
Smart Component Sequencing

Keynote - András Sebők, CEO, Campden
Needs, expectations and opportunities in digital transformation of management tools for food supply chains

Pitch 6 Dániel Csendes: Rhyno Technologies
Scaleable and secure enterprise blockchain solutions

12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 p.m. Panel Discussion A (Tea Room): Traditional industry examples – out-of-the-box solutions driving digital transformation
Opening presentation - István Csányi, CCS Cargo Community Systems
Additional panel members: József Kossuth (BA Zrt.), Peter Wackerbauer (SonoBeacon), Simone Vermeer (Bright Cape), Ernő Garamvölgyi (BAY-SMART Logistics)
Group Discussion B (Kávé Room):
SULPITER ideathon - curating inputs for the Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan
2:15 Coffee Break
2:30 Panel Discussion: Supply Chains as model networks ready for a digital upgrade
Opening presentation - Richárd Uchrin, Dániel Szegő: Supply chain sustainability modelling with consortium blockchain framework
Additional panel members: Matteo Arru (MOL), György Firbás (ZVF), András Sebők (Campden), Paolo Gamberoni (Creactives)
3:30 Event concludes

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