Conference Mediating Justice - 4 December 2013 @ TU Delft

Conference Mediating Justice 

Delft University of Technology will host the EIT ICT Labs’ conference ‘Mediating Justice: the changing nature of presence in the era of ubiquitous technology’. 

Closing the research programme Mediating Presence, this conference aims to accelerate into the future and identify trends and implications of possible future systems of law. Can a courtroom be mediated? Will networks generate new systems of law? Is a new dynamic between fact and fiction emerging? 

Facebook Court is a social experiment by artist Martin Butler to see if it is possible to create a model for online legal practice, using Facebook as a democratic social and legal tool. During the conference Martin Butler's art piece 'Facebook Court', specifically developed for our inspiration, will be presented and discussed.
Through its "sharing", "liking", debating and commentary, Facebook allows for an ease of opinion and view points to be  shared like never before on a global level. The idea for  Facebook Court is to create a mock legal trial that will be debated online from an open Facebook community from mid November. After two weeks of debate around the case study, Facebook users will be able to vote on the verdict on the 3rd December 2013. Facebook Court is presented at the EIT-ICTLabs conference "Mediating Justice in the era of ubiquitous technology" conference at Delft University of  Technology.

Results of contributions and deliberations are to be published in a special issue of AI & Society, Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (eds.: prof.dr. Inge van der Vlies, dr. Caroline Nevejan, dr. Satinder Gill). Several authors have submitted abstracts in advance and will discuss these. 

Presentations and short design workshops are solicited. EIT ICT Labs's university faculty and students, artists and members of societal organisations are all invited to participate. 


CALL: Special issue AI & Society, Journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication

Mediating Justice: the changing nature of presence in the era of ubiquitous

Papers are presented at EIT ICT Labs Conference Mediating Presence, 4 December 2013, Delft University of Technology.

Dr. Caroline Nevejan, Professor Inge van der Vlies, Dr. Satinder Gill,

Dates: abstracts: November 15th, Conference 4 December 2013 Delft University of Technology final papers March 15th, publication AI & Society 2014. Send your abstract to:

This special issue seeks to explore the fundamental judicial issues we face in the decades to come. We welcome, amongst others, contributions on the following subjects:

> Emerging architectures for justice
> Emerging architectures of presence
> Emerging visual literacy for justice and law
> New metaphysical outlook for justice in the network society
> Mediating Justice
> Mediating Presence in the Courtroom
> Mediated Judicial Persona (judge, witness, prosecutor, lawyer, offender,
> Network action as judicial deed
> Being witness to mediated action
> Justice in networks with no use of court
> Capacity for justice in networks
> Capabilities needed for network justice
> Mediating justice outside the courtroom
> Servers as the new public domain
> Effect of no privacy on judicial processes
> Causality in network society
> Judicial dynamic between commercial and political realm
> The place of justice in a globalising world

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