Call for technology demos/speakers at TIVIT Digital Services Strategy Day in Finland

Date: afternoon of 10 October, 2012 
Venue: Helsinki, Finland. The exact venue to be announced soon.

Please be welcomed to discuss your technology with the leading ICT industry players in Finland and initiate R&D collaboration, technology transfer or even business deals with them!

The EIT ICT Labs Technology Transfer Program is happy to provide international exposure to two technologies demos/speakers from EIT ICT Labs partners outside from Finland; support amounts up to €2K expenses for each one of the technology teams. A dedicated EIT ICT Labs booth will host technology demos. The organizers of TIVIT Digital Services Strategy Day would be pleased to welcome one or two such demos/speakers. If a guest speaker, she/he is ideally someone involved in a successful program in one of the EIT ICT Labs’ countries, a strategist from the industry, a practitioner or a person in charge Digital Service development policies in her/his country. Please circulate this call for speaker/technology demo to EIT ICT Labs partners as appropriate.

There will be around 100 persons to attend the TIVIT Digital Services Strategy Day. This is a good event where technology directors come together to decide where to put the collaborative R&D money on 2013. Hence, if your offering matches one of the focus areas below, this the perfect place to be in. 

If you would like to attend the Day, please contact Mika Naumanen with your proposal. 

Contact:, telephone +358 40 5360868

Your proposal needs to meet one of the mentioned four theme areas.

Theme 1: SME Services

The foci of the SME services will be in the following five areas.

  • Media and advertising service solutions for / by SMEs.
  • Communication and business ICT services for SMEs.
  • Services for very small SMEs.
  • Service platform / enabler aggregation.
  • New enablers for service creators, using mixed reality.

 Theme 2: Financial Platforms & Services

Following activities have been identified as the focus areas:

  • Mobile Financial Services and related technological architectures
  • Visibility enabled structured finance solutions for SMEs
  • Operational risk-driven security assurance technologies for services

 Theme 3: Education Platforms & Services

Focus areas

  • Pedagogically sound learning technologies and platforms
  • Interactive mLearning and eLearning services
  • Packaging educational services into exportable products

Theme 4: Wellness services and Ecosystems

The wellness theme has three key focus areas.

  • Platforms for wellness services enable basic health service creation without major investments into basic wellness ICT elements. Platform capabilities include elements such as wellness databases,developer APIs, basic analytics, data collection as well as a number of other commonly needed platform features to be shared with the other themes.
  • Personal wellness services, applications and devices are the elements of the wellness theme that are visible to the end users. Wellness services are focused verticals that enable users to access specific use cases. The specific services may also be developed as wellness devices that encompass or augment the service delivery.
  • The third focus area is wellness services and applications within the occupational health framework. This area looks at bridging the gap between personal health services and professional wellness services, paving the way towards further integration of wellness and health systems in the future.


Background of TIVIT

Founded in February 2008, TIVIT is a non-profit Finnish limited company. The bedrock of all of TIVIT’s activities is the capital that the 46 organisations, or partners, which own TIVIT (including companies, university and public bodies) invest in it. TIVIT’s role is not only to bring together and systematise research and development, but also to ensure that the results of research are understood, applied and adopted as part of companies’ business practice faster than ever before.

 TIVIT Digital Services Program is an ecosystem effort to pool services enablers and platforms to rapidly launch, horizontalize and ensure maintenance of new services. Work is conducted in a true partnership model, where partners gain access to a pool of complimentary platform and enabler assets, innovation pool and execution power.

TIVIT is an affiliate partner of EIT ICT Labs. 

More information on the TIVIT Digital Services Program 


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