Workshop on Usable Security and Privacy

The goal of this workshop is to identify concret research questions and next steps in the context of usable security and privacy as well as bringing people from different areas (research, industry, policy makers) and different disciplines (security and usability, software engineering, social and legal sciences, and psychology) together.

The workshop includes a seesion on "Innovation Roadmap within the EIT ICT Labs: The Usability, Security, and Privacy Perspective" and a panel on "Open Challenges and Research Directives in the area of Usable Security and Privacy“. For the full program and details about the workshop click here.

The workshop is organised by CASED, EIT ICT Labs, CAST (Competence Centre for Applied Security Technology) and GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik E.V.) 

Contact person EIT ICT LABS, Prof. Matthias Hollick, CASED

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