Valentine day - Whatsapp

We are changing as technology bring us into new spaces and it shows, even on Valentine Day!

This is not a news about a news. It is more of a reflection on how much technology is changing our "habits".

Today is Valentine day, it is celebrated in many Countries around the world and although it is believed that has its roots in the Roman times (Lupercalia festivities celebrating fertility) it has become a world wide celebration.

At the core is the exchange of love messages. It seems that the first one was written in form of a poem by Charles Duke d'Orleans to his wife.

Henry V hired a writer to send a Valentine note to Catherine of Valois. The idea of getting help in preparing a Valentine note, more recently, has resulted in a good business from the likes of Hallmark.

Fast forward to ... today. Whatsapp has passed the thresholds of 1 billion people in January 2016, and over 30 billion messages are being exchanged every single day.

No wonder that Whatsapp is preparing for Valentine day by suggesting appropriate messages for a Valentine note.

I never used a pre-written Hallmark card to send and I will not seek inspiration from Whatsapp, nor use it for that but that is probably a side effect of not being a digital native. 

Nevertheless it is an easy bet that millions of whatsapp messages exchanged today will carrying a Valentine note. Many more than the ones carried by SMS and so much more than those written on a sheet of paper. It is another sign that as technology permeates our life and changes the way we communicate. And remember that communications is one of the core characteristics of being human beings.

Happy Valentine Day!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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