Time to "rewire" your brain

A mouse receiving low-intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. Credit: University of Western Australia

Spatiotemporal activity patterns induced by a single TMS pulse (left) and 10 Hz TMS (right) over 50 milliseconds. Credit: Vladislav Kozyre et al./PNAS

What scientists and researchers are learning and doing on the brain goes beyond any expectation science fiction had just few years ago. Some pathologies found to stem from anomalies in the brain were marked as untreatable since you cannot rewire a brain.

Well, it turns out, based on experiment carried out at the University of Western Australia and at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in France, that technology can rewire a brain.  You should read the news on the University of Western Australia website, whose title is already never heard before: Could your brain be reprogrammed to work better?

Researchers have demonstrated that by applying weak sequential electromagnetic pulses through a device that is placed on the head of a mouse (see photo) it is possibile to correct abnormal (neurones) wiring. 

They applied LI-rTMS (Low Intensity repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to mice born with an abnormal brain wiring. The experiments showed that the abnormality disappeared and a correct organisation was established.

Interestingly, and most important, it seems that the LI-rTMS has no effect on normal brain organisation. The reorganisation seems to depend on the activation of a specific chemical in the neurones leading to "reprogram" the interconnection structure. 
Clearly it is just a first step but still it is completely unexpected and it opens up the door to attempts to cure pathologies like epilepsy, depression and tinnitus (which I suffer from... and all doctors so far told me there is nothing that can be done about it...).

It also opens up a can of worn, I would say. What is really happening to a person if his brain gets reprogrammed? What about bugs? Having been used to deal with software any comparison to it makes me shiver, when the objective is our brain....

Author - Roberto Saracco

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