Job applications for robots are getting scaringly common....

A Uber self driving car getting rid of driver. Operation has started (as trial) in Pittsburgh and soon will be starting in California. Credit: Uber

An article on the Guardian is focussing the attention on the rise of robots in getting jobs that used to be our turf. Robots have been part of the industrial society for several years but in the beginning it was to provide blue collar workers with better tools to do their job.

Slowly robots have started to make blue collar workers obsolete, by replacing them. True, new jobs have been created to build, operate and maintain these robots, although not enough to compensate for the jobs lost.

However the Guardian article is warning that many more jobs are in the line, ready to be swallowed by robots.

According to a Forrester report released this Summer 7% of todays jobs in the US will be replaced by robots by 2025.  2021 seems to be a tipping point with a sort of "inflation" caused by the impact of artificial intelligence that will make robots capable of understanding what is going on and reacting accordingly.

This opens up the "application" space of robots to areas like transportation, logistics, customer care and customer service.

Assisted driving and platooning is already becoming a reality for trucks. The next step is towards full autonomous driving. There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the US alone, and although many of them will retire by the time fully automated trucks will become common it will still decrease the umber of jobs available ... to us.

I am still optimistic and don't share the concerns expressed in the Guardian article. I bet we will create other jobs as soon as some vanish in a never ending story started long time ago. Yet, the impact on Society and on our way of life will be significant.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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