Madrid Node opening

"We are glad to announce that we will be celebrating the official inauguration of our Madrid Node next March 2, 2017 at 10:00."

"After being upgraded to Full Node, EIT Digital Spain will now be able to continue its work leading the digital transition in the EU and in Spain with even more strength and operability. We have joined a pan-European network of 9 high-level Co-Location Centers and will leverage the large potential of the Spanish market and IT environment in order to achieve ambitious goals in our three fields of action: education, innovation and business. We will be celebrating this important milestone with, among others, local and European authorities, journalists, and also with our partners, start-ups, and Master and Doctoral students."

Live streaming (12:00 - 12:45)


10:00Round table with partners: Atos, IMDEA Software Institute, Indra, Ferrovial, Telefonica, and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
11:00Coffee break and exhibition of technological scaleups: Coowry, Galgus by AOIFES, Gestoos by Exipple Studio, and
12:00Speeches by EIT executives and political authorities
12:45Cocktail and networking

Scaleup Exhibition

AOIFES - Winner of the 2016’s Challenge in Digital Infrastructure, AIOFES has developed the Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT) that enhances the spectral efficiency of WiFi systems and increases its performance, while reducing interference levels and power consumption.

Coowry is a an end-to-end micropayment platform that lets mobile customers use their airtime as digital cash, is creating a Global Marketplace for digital transactions. It solves the complexity and costs of micropayments in the digital economy and makes micropayment processing easy and frictionless, using Telecoms Operators as "exchange agents" instead of Banks.

Gestoos by Exipple Studios Winner of the 2016’s Challenge in Digital Industry, Gestoos is a computer vision Artificial Intelligence software platform that enables camera (sensor) equipped devices to see and understand natural gestures and behavior. Gestoos redefines how people can interact with technology, enabling exciting new possibilities. - revolutionises the outdoor media industry through a cloud-based digital media platform that enables advertisers to broadcast real-time targeted content on any of its thousands of outdoor displays, using big data collected from the specific audience connected to the display’s free Wi-Fi hotspot. owns a network of digital displays (e>plays), interconnected in real-time to virtual servers in the cloud, at locations with large audiences & intense transactional activities (restaurants, bars, stores.).

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