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BrightAgeing is offering innovative solutions based on a connected lighting system in order to provide lighting conditions that match the specific needs of elderly people and enable them to live independently at home longer.

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Joint Smart Building Ecosystem Initiative

Developing digital tools and a platform to improve space utilization in commercial buildings by utilizing existing smart building devices. A building owner can get significant benefits by optimizing performance of the buildings according to usage ratio.


Ninja Riders creates young, participative communities through its suite of gamified digital tools. The project detects the youngsters’ attitudes and behaviours towards driving, and promotes changes to improve road safety.

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OEDIPUS establishes European I-Centers to be the nucleus for innovation in the field of Digital Industry. Experience exchange and cooperation with SMEs will generate valuable business opportunities that lead to concrete product creations and services.

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PasTime offers tourists complete and hyper-personalised bundles of “in-destination” recommendations (e.g. hotels, dining, activities, events) based on a comprehensive overview of local offering and a deep understanding of users’ behaviours and interests.

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Product Quality Prediction

The PQP tool analyses sensor data of the production process to predict how unique products score on quality parameters. This insight enables manufacturers to reduce quality control and setup time.

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Professional School

The EIT Digital Professional School keeps European professionals at the forefront in today's fast-paced digital world. EIT Digital is constantly working on an innovative portfolio of blended learning courses for experts working in sectors highly influenced by emerging digital technologies.

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ProVITA will create a paradigm shift in occupational health by offering innovative, digital propositions and an incubation environment targeting an extended professional working life of employees.

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Unobtrusive Blood Pressure Tracking

Unobtrusive Blood Pressure Tracking is developing a measurement solution to monitor blood pressure. It allows hypertensive patients to better understand how their blood pressure is influenced by their lifestyle and medication.

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Vital@Home is a new cloud-based monitoring solution for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers, to improve quality of life, and reduce the costs of managing the disease.

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