Mini-Call for Combating Child Obesity

Mini-Call for Combating Child Obesity

EIT Digital / EIT Health

Call for Expression of Interest 2019 to construct the Cross-KIC Innovation Activity on Combating Child Obesity

Call is closed for applications.

EIT Health and EIT Digital unite in a Cross-KIC activity “Combating Child Obesity” to help bring innovations to the market addressing one of the primary health challenges of the 21st century.

Partners from EIT Health and EIT Digital are therefore invited to express their interest in participating by submitting proposals for contributions to this activity, whose purpose is to launch a new startup for Combating Child Obesity. Within the context of this call, individual partners or groups of partners may submit contributions in the form of specific assets offered (e.g. technology, prototyping and analysis labs, access to users and cohort of patients, clinical expertise, data architecture platform expertise, product or solution design, etc.). Annex D describes typical roles partners make take in the activity.

The proposals should demonstrate strong impact and commit to sustainability of the KICs (Annex C).

EIT Digital and EIT Health will complete the activity by hiring a “Venture Creation Lead”, located in either the French or the Dutch Co-Location Centre. The EIT KICs will also hire two graduates, possibly from EIT Digital / EIT Health Master Schools to complete the team. The corresponding budget will be allocated within the activity (see Annex B).

Applications1 shall be submitted as pdf via e-mail to by the 4th December, 17.00 CET. See Annex A for the full process summary. When sending your application, please include “Application on Combating Child Obesity” as email subject. All information submitted in the Expressions of Interest will be treated as confidential in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (Regulation EU 2016/679).

For additional information, please contact Alexis Pacquit, or Sergio Balassone

1 Application forms for teams of partners, and for individual partners, are provided.

Annex A. Process summary

EIT Digital and EIT Health are partnership organisations. This means that proposers are expected to be existing Partners of EIT Digital and/or EIT Health2. The cross-KIC innovation activity is envisaged in the French and Dutch Co-Location Centres of EIT Health and EIT Digital.

There are three main steps in the process starting from the proposal submission:

  • 1. Submission: Teams of Partners and individual Partners submit their complete applications by e-mail to, taking into account the guidelines provided in this document. Deadline: December 4th, 2019 at 17.00 CET. This is a hard deadline and no extension will be granted. Late or incomplete applications will not be eligible for evaluation.
  • 2. Experts Review: Submitted contributions are reviewed by a panel of internal and external experts that will compose the activity based on selected contributions. The contributions will be evaluated based on the following criteria to construct the full activity:
    • Impact – complementarity of the final team of partners to develop the full solution, e.g. technology assets, business capability and relevant experience in the field; business viability, technology feasibility and specificity/focus of the proposed solution for combatting child obesity;  evidence that the startup eventually created by the activity may access the necessary IP/technology assets in fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.
    • Sustainability – the financial sustainability commitment of the final team of partners to make the venture a success; the overall credibility of the solution from the perspective of a potential investor.

The panel of experts will provide the Management Committees (MCs) of EIT Digital and EIT Health with a recommendation for the full activity, including the budget allocation.

  • 3. MCs Decision Gate: The MCs of EIT Digital and EIT Health will assess the Experts Review recommendations. The MCs reserve the right not to proceed with the activity, should it not be of sufficient quality. The outcome of the evaluation process will be communicated by December 16th  2019 and will be considered final.

The activity will officially start January 1st, 2020 and will end on December 31st, 2020. Six months after the beginning of the activity, the startup needs to be created.

2 Please refer to your correspondent KIC to verify eligibility. EIT Health Network and EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Hubs are not eligible to participate.

Annex B. Financials

  • This is a 3 year gated programme. The EIT financial support for the activity will be €1M for the year 2020.
  • Assuming annual confirmation of the EU Commission financial support to the KICs for the years 2021 and 2022, EIT financial support will be available to the activity for the year 2021 and 2022.
  • As all innovation activities, this activity’s performance will be evaluated every 6 months based on mutually agreed criteria and the validated workplan for the year.
  • In the event that the implementation of the Project is jeopardised by an overall lack of performance by the activity partners, the MCs shall have the right to act and decide on the consequences of the non-performance, which may include termination of the Project.
  • The team of Partners will collectively be expected to provide between 25% (333K€) and 50% (1M€) of the total activity KAVA budget as co-funding.
  • As for all KIC activities, Partners will also be asked to include KIC Complementary Activities (KCA) in their budget to achieve a ratio of EIT Funding/(KCA+KAVA) below 15%.
  • A budget of 200k€ in EIT financial support must be allocated in the activity budget for the Venture Creation Lead and two graduates from EIT Digital / EIT Health Master Schools.
  • No budget is provided for the application phase.
  • Financial support will be distributed to the partners via the respective KIC.

Annex C. Sustainability

The Cross-KIC activity “Combating Child Obesity” will create a startup as innovation vehicle, in which, as part of the EIT sustainability strategy, the EIT KICs receive an equity share.

The expected equity level to be attributed to the two KICs together is 0.5 x EIT financial contribution /KAVA3.

3 KAVA Budget = EIT financial contribution + Partner co-funding

Annex D. Partner roles in the activity

Teams of Partners should propose engaged and entrepreneurial members of the venture according to the categories provided below. Individual Partners are required to indicate the category they belong to.

Business Champion(s)

The Business Champion needs to commit to the go-to-market in the proposal, based on technologies and validated research results provided by the technology provider. This/these key partner(s) will be selected based on the criteria and requirements below. It will need to be influent in the relevant clinical and business areas and help the team to:

  • Define go to market strategy
  • Setup Business Model
  • Support and advertise beta test
  • Bring a selection of users
  • Specify, detect and acquire customers who will use the product or service created by the start-up since the first year of activity

Technology Provider(s)

This/these partner(s) will help the team with the digital activities to setup the solution which can include for example, but not limited to, the platform, connected devices, mobile app & first plugin. The diversity of requirements will end up in multiple partners from academy or industry. We are looking for the following skills and expertise:

  • User Interface design /User experience experts with a gamification specialty
  • AI specialist (experience in healthcare appreciated)
  • Cloud service developers with DevOps (development and operations) expertise
  • Health tracking device manufacturer

Child Obesity Specialist(s)

This/these partner(s) can be from the academic sector or a healthcare provider and will help the team with the health and clinical activities which can include for example, but not limited to:

  • Clinically validate the solution
  • Define protocol(s)
  • Setup success metrics
  • Define recommendations and coaching approach
  • Act as scientific advisor, bring seal of trust

Pilot Customer(s)

Pilot customer(s) for testing the solution may be included in the venture team or can be involved as sub-contractor(s) and receive limited financial support. In the latter case, Partners need to plan for the adequate budget for sub-contracting.

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