Operate European Digital Industry with Products and Services - OEDIPUS

Creating innovative solutions and business opportunities

With the increasingly widespread Industry 4.0 approach and the growing interplay between machines on the shop floor, sensors and cloud platforms, SMEs have often access to vast amounts of data that were not available before.

But how to fully exploit them? Small and medium companies often do not have the necessary skills and capabilities to apply this newly found knowledge to their digital manufacturing initiatives.

The High Impact Initiative (HII) of EIT Digital, Operate Digital Industry with Products and Services (OEDIPUS) is aimed at addressing this gap, through a System Integration Framework, and a supporting Innovation & Collaboration Platform.

As useful case examples, a wide array of innovations was created, such as a Predictive Maintenance Service for industrial printers and robots, a Robot IoT Interface, IoT Solution, and a product for Plant Condition Monitoring.

At the core of the Initiative are the iCenters, a network of five technology facilitators and business incubators scattered across multiple European locations that will be created by the HII. The iCenters represent a unique physical entry point to the latest innovations produced by EIT Digital trusted partners to build the factory of the future.

Besides hosting hands-on demos, they provide the opportunity to receive advice, consultancy services and training on how to apply the showcased solutions to the factory floor.

The will also host contests, awards and workshops, attracting the best young talents and enabling them to get in touch with companies looking for the brightest European minds.

By the end of 2018, from the joint collaboration of 10 international partners (Aalto, DFKI, CEA, Océ, Cefriel, Engineering, CRF, Innovalia, Atos, Siemens) and a number of SMEs working together, 4 new products born by the OEDIPUS activities will be commercialized, serving as "Lighthouse projects" to increase competitiveness and generate economic growth.

OEDIPUS, which belongs to the Digital Industry Action Line of EIT Digital, represents a unique opportunity for SMEs to understand how to take advantage of new products and services aimed at making their activity “smart” and to understand how the combination of dedicated hardware, sensors on the shop floor and data collection and analytics could generate and support new business models.

This is perfectly in tune with the overall EIT Digital commitment to fostering European growth and accelerating the digital transformation in progress, leading to stronger economic growth and to the betterment of society and the improvement of the lives of citizens.


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