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Digital Finance

EIT Digital set up the Digital Finance Action Line in 2018 to support the creation of innovative tools and services to help the finance industry adapt to the challenges it currently faces. Robust yet agile and tailored financial services are essential for our economies, citizens and enterprises.

Our Approach

The Digital Finance Action Line focuses on the three most important sectors for the finance industry: the retail banking sector, corporate banking services and the asset/wealth management sector.

  • The future of retail banking focuses on the way financial institutions will interact with their retail customers (i.e. our citizens) in the future, using modern digital devices and tools. EIT Digital will support a broad range of themes including cybersecurity, authentication, online payments, micropayments, cashless societies and personal financial management.
  • Modernised corporate banking is fundamentally important for the efficiency and productivity of European industries. Modern corporate banking services will help companies get more tailored access to the financial resources they need. We promote tools that help to create better financial transparency, automate and simplify financial and accounting tasks for companies, ensure fluid and secure lending, and improve financial services available to corporates, SMEs and startups in Europe.
  • In the Digitalised Wealth/Asset Management domain, we support technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide better advice, structure better financial products, improve reporting, and support investment professionals in selecting the best financial products to withstand systemic risks.


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Antonio Garcia Hortal


Antonio Garcia Hortal

Action Line Leader


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