Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Digital platforms touch our everyday lives: operating systems, search, mobile and social are deeply transforming our economy and our society. Network effects apply, putting these platforms at the heart of the global society, and making the world hyperdependent on them. In order to fuel growth in our continent and protect our way of life, Europe needs to take centre stage in the future of digital. We need to invent the next wave of digital platforms, applications and innovations.


From deep tech to venture or mvp (minimum viable product)

The first focus of EIT Digital’s innovation & entrepreneurship strategy is to drive the market uptake of top European research results (“deep tech”). The objective is both to “create digital disruption” (through venture creation) and to “support digital transformation” (through the launch of a Minimum Viable Product - or MVP).


From venture to dominant industry player

The second focus of EIT Digital’s innovation & entrepreneurship strategy is to build a new generation of dominant European industry players. To this end, EIT Digital provides growth support to fastgrowing European deep tech startups (also known as scaleups). This addresses a European weakness: Europe creates a fair number of startups, but most of them stay small. Europe needs to put more emphasis on scaleup support across the continent and beyond, in order to build the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. In addition, deep tech scaleups are the ones that the European future depends upon.

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The integrated Innovation and Entrepreneurship funnel

Figure: The integrated Innovation and Entrepreneurship funnel

Innovation Focus Areas

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