8:30 a.m.Arrivals and Registration
9:30Welcome and Introduction - Mr. László Gulyás, Node Director, EIT Digital Hungary: ’For a Strong Digital Europe’

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Ádám Balog, CEO, MKB Bank: Learnings from our digital transformation in MKB

Pitch 1 - Pay-with-a-Smile - Mr. Csaba Körmöczy, Project Lead, E-Group

Keynote Presentation - Ms. Gabriella Kádár, CEO, CIG Pannonia Insurance: How a boutique insurance company wants to future-proof itself

Pitch 2 - Mr. Vilmos Orcifalvi, CTO, Hanor3D Kft: Full circle of authentication - beyond biometrics

Keynote Presentation - Mr. László Németh, Director, Accounts & Cards, K&H Bank: The power of the click - how end-to-end digital journey transforms incumbent banks' product development & sales process

Pitch 3 - Mr. Antal Apró, senior consultant, Datacare Zrt.: Automating customer care with text analytics
11:10Coffee Break
11:20Keynote Presentation - Mr. Róbert Mántó, Director of Financial Services Advisory, KPMG: Challanges of European banks during the era of open banking

Pitch 4 - Mr. Tamás Láczik, Transferwise: The World of Transferwise

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Péter Naszrai, PortfoLion Ventures: How not to attract VCs if you’re a Fintech?

Pitch 5 - Mr. Dániel Varga, CEO and founder, Novopayment

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Marco Marchesi, Institutional and External Relations Manager, Olivetti

Pitch 6 - Future SME Banking - Mr. Gergely Tyukodi, CEO, e-BIZ
12:35Networking Lunch
14:00Opening Remarks from EIT Digital Finance - Mr. Antonio Garcia-Hortal, Innovation Lead, EIT Digital: Innovation Factory and Digital Finance

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Tamás Kádár, CEO, Sziget Kft.: Technology behind the experience

Pitch 7 - Mr. László Gönczy, assistant professor, Blockchain / Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME): Process-driven smart contracts: Bridging the gap between business and blockchain

Keynote Presentation - Mr. László Boa, Data Science and AI specialist, IBM Hungary / AI Coalition representative: IBM Garage - Your next step
14:55Coffee Break
15:05Panel Discussion / Q&A - How does the future of transactions look to shape up in the age of digital transformation?
16:00Event Concludes

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