Innovation Day - Hungary

Innovation Day - Hungary

The Future of Digital Transactions - Real time, data driven, digital only

  • How can digital transformation in financial, legal and data transactions create short term business value?
  • How can you and your organisation adjust and transform cost-intensive processes? 
  • What are some of the digital solutions that may one day disrupt the markets?

Our deep tech innovations showcased will hail from the intersections of Fintech, Insuretech and Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity and more with real life business applications!

The world of financial transactions is rapidly changing, and a similar surge is anticipated in insurance, data and legal processes.  Digital tools can make transactions faster, more cost competitive, more convenient and data rich, while creating instant business value to enterprises.  We’ll bring together the latest ground-breaking digital solutions powering business transactions, smart contracts and data deals. We are planning a thought-provoking panel on data-sharing and privacy issues with world experts in data usage, sharing and protecting.

Convenience and speed may come with their caveats though – how much are we, the customers willing to share (besides paying) about ourselves to be able to purchase? How big of an ecological footprint are we, the customers comfortable with for a product? How can the customer be certain that the goods they are buying have all the attributes the vendor states? How can finance institutions adapt to the different levels of willingness of sharing personal data of different generations?

If you have similar questions, but not all the answers, and would not mind meeting experts from all over the world, join the buzz at Öbölház, Inforpark, Budapest on December 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m! For more details, please contact EIT Digital Hungary Co-Location Centre Manager Balázs Erdei (!


3 December 2019


Öbölház Event Hall, Kopaszi-gát 2, 1117 Budapest



Stay tuned for more updates about the registration, programme, speakers and more.

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