Moderator: Charlotte Geerdink

Charlotte GeerdinkI am Charlotte Geerdink (1987) and the founder of Charly Speaks. By coincidence, I started moderating high level events and found out that I loved doing it. Voilà, my own business case was born! Although I commenced my moderations in the EU science and innovation area in which I worked for more than 8 years, I have meanwhile taken on moderation jobs in different areas as well, from e-government, to personalised medicine and catastrophe protection, just to mention a few. My life motto ‘sharing is caring’ is well applicable to both my character and moderation style.

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Keynote: Peter Ros

Peter RosPeter Ros, strategist, entrepreneur and boardroom sparring partner, focuses on how society can benefit and use emerging and disruptive technologies. Peter Ros has very specific ideas about technological developments and their impact on society. We consider him to be among the top speakers in the Netherlands in this area, but he does not see himself as a trend watcher or futurist, but rather as a chaos master. What makes him special is the fact that he mainly focuses on how society can be able to benefit and make optimal use of all the current emerging and disruptive technologies. From nano- and neurotechnology to photonics, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Keynote: Femke de Jager

Femke de JagerFemke de Jager is Managing Director at Accenture and leads the European digital innovation practice for asset management in the process industry. She has been working in both the process industry (DSM, Stork) as well as consultancy before joining Accenture. In her current role she focuses on leveraging digital technologies to drive asset performance in terms of safety, output and cost as part of digital transformation in manufacturing. 

“The process industry is by nature not a front-runner when it comes to digital innovation, given its high risk profile and relatively long asset- and product life cycles. Digital technologies however become relevant quickly and it is exciting to be part of the transformation process the process industry companies are going through at the moment. Digital touches the way companies do business together and how they work internally. Digital  also enables the process industry on new propositions on overarching themes like sustainability. My key-note will provide insights on the challenges and opportunities the process industry faces when it comes to digital, how companies embark on the journey and what is needed to set them up for success. I will bring it to life with concrete cases.

Panel discussion: Deep Tech in Business & Society

Dr. Evangelia Demerouti - Eindhoven University of Technology

Evangelia Demerouti Dr. Evangelia Demerouti is Full Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at Eindhoven University of Technology. She has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa since 2015 and Chief Diversity Officer at Eindhoven University of Technology since 2017. Her research focuses on the processes enabling performance, including the effects of work characteristics, individual job strategies (including job crafting and decision-making), occupational well-being, and work-life balance. She has developed the Job Demands-Resources model, which can be used to diagnose the working conditions that are responsible for employee well-being and functioning at work. Her recent work concerns the development and implementation of bottom-up job redesign interventions (i.e., job crafting) in order to improve employee well-being, work performance and adaptive behavior.  Currently she is associate editor of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Serge Beniers - CEO Brightcape & Member of EIT Digital Board

Erik Wijnen - Ministry of Economic Affairs & Topteam ICT

Parallel Session: Cyber Security

Oscar Koeroo, KPN

Damiano Bolzoni - Security Matters

Damiano BolzoniScaling up a cybersecurity startup

Damiano Bolzoni is VP Industrial and OT Business at Forescout. Damiano’s expertise in the Industrial Cyber Resilience domain is certified by a variety of specialties, like Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Log Analysis and SCADA Security. While PhD student at the University of Twente (The Netherlands, 2004), Damiano started focusing his research on the Industrial Cyber Security challenge, leading the IPID project  on developing Network Intrusion Detection Systems based on anomaly-detection. Since 2008 he has been working with several large international Critical Infrastructure organizations to tackle the issues of cyber security in the ICS/SCADA domain. He has spoken at a number of top industry cybersecurity events (including Black Hat) and author of several publications.

Maarten Wegdam - InnoValor

Maarten WegdamDigital identity in NL and EU

Dr. Maarten Wegdam is co-founder of InnoValor, a Dutch SME that does research-based advice and software in the area of digital innovations. He is an expert in digital identity, working for especially the financial and government sector on innovations for more user friendly and trusted digital identity solutions. He is responsible for InnoValor’s flagship software product ReadID, which verifies the RFID chip in ePassports and similar identity documents using the NFC capability of smartphones. In his speech he’ll provide his view on recent developments in digital identities in the Netherlands and the EU, including eIDAS, national eID solutions and mobile onboarding.

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence

Rudy Lauwereins - IMEC

Rudy LauwereinsRudy Lauwereins is vice president at imec responsible for the digital and user-centric solutions unit, which focuses on security, connectivity, image processing, sensor fusion, machine learning, data analytics and on making technology society proof. He is also director of the imec.academy, coordinating external and internal technical training curricula. He is a part-time Full Professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and has authored and co-authored more than 400 peer reviewed publications in international journals, books and conference proceedings. He is a fellow of the IEEE.

Jeroen de Haas - Pipple

Jeroen de HaasData Science with Purpose

Jeroen de Haas is founder and CEO of PIPPLE – an energetic, highly-skilled data scientist team with a passion for people, puzzles and life. We make Pipple customers extremely happy developing new practical solutions using mathematics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, customized algorithms and other cool stuff to complex problems. And we do that the Pippi way!


Emmanuel Dubois - Indexima

Emmanuel DuboisModern business intelligence: A new field in its own right?

Emmanuel Dubois is General Manager of Sales and Marketing and co-founder of Indexima (2017), a French software company that allows companies to access all their data to simplify and accelerate analysis and data science, thanks to a unique technology indexing combined with machine learning. He began his career in 1997 at Holy-Dis, a company specializing in Workforce Management, before joining BEA Systems, a company specializing in enterprise infrastructure software and acquired by Oracle, three years later. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, he decided to enter the world of start-ups as a Business Developer. In 2010, he co-founded Hedera Technology, a company offering solutions for web infrastructures, while accompanying foreign companies in the French market in the field of DevOps, IoT and Big Data. 

Emmanuel graduated with a DUT from the University of Nantes in 1990, a Master 2 in Business Administration and Management in 1993 and a certification in Finance, Business and Marketing from the INSEAD Business School in 2017 .

Parallel sessions: Robotics

Richard Hardiman, Ran Marine (TBC)

Marc Janssens - EMRobotics

Marc JanssensThe future of high precision surgery

Marc attained his PhD in mechanical engineering, on the design and development of a new instrument for deep brain stimulation surgery, at the Eindhoven University of Technology in June 2018. Shortly after, he joined Eindhoven Medical Robotics as a design engineer.  

Henk van Zeijts - Dialogue Trainer

Henk van ZeijtsPrepDOC - Empowering older people in conversations with healthcare professionals

Henk van Zeijts has a working history in the field of creativity, innovation, technology, education and health care. Before co-founding DialogueTrainer, he was the project manager of the Virtual Patient project. In this project, the online communication platform developed by Utrecht University, Communicate, was succesfully tested with health care professionals in Utrecht. The start-up DialogueTrainer makes the Communicate! software available for a broad range of clients. Henk is one of the founders of DialogueTrainer. Henk is also owner of Vrije Ruimte, which supports (public) organizations in innovations. Before, he was co-founder of Rotslab, a cultural cooperative / innovation lab, focused on social innovation and he was founder and director of the Creative Learning Lab of the Dutch medialab Waag Society.

More speakers to be announced soon...

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