Internet of Things and Business Transformation

EIT Digital Infrastructure Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Stockholm, August 6 - August 19

The topic of the summer school is Internet of Things (IoT), as a main driver for future digital infrastructures. With the advances of ICT, all “things” will be connected through wireless access to software-defined and virtualized, intelligent networks that provide communication services with security, quality and reliability. One of the key challenges at an infrastructure level is the better integration of IoT in the current network and computational stacks.

The vision of IoT requires new technical solutions in the areas of embedded systems, communication and computing infrastructures, security and privacy, but it also challenges the business ecosystems of the traditional telecommunication sector. The summer school will train students in analysing the implication that a new technology area might have on society, individuals and businesses. It will also focus on identifying emerging business roles and opportunities.

Bosön Conference site, Lidingö, Sweden will be the place for accommodation, meeting rooms and catering.

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