Big Data Analytics

EIT Digital Infrastructure Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Stockholm, August 6 - August 19

A key element in the digital transformation of infrastructure is the convergence and integration of intelligent networking and computing services for data analysis. The challenge is to provide core enabling functions for extracting value from the massive amounts of data generated, to support breakthrough innovations in industry segments like utilities, manufacturing and health.

The goal of this summer school is to teach advanced topics related to algorithms and platforms for Big Data as well as to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial awareness among the participants. The summer school will cover both presentations by researchers on Big Data analytics and platforms, as well as presentations by company experts on business models.

In addition, the school organizes the “Big Data Seminar”, which is an open one-day, high quality event focusing on big data technology and platforms, opened to a large audience.

Bosön Conference site, Lidingö, Sweden will be the place for accommodation, meeting rooms and catering.

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