Healthy Lifestyle and Occupational Fitness

EIT Digital Wellbeing Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Lisbon, July 2 - July 15

Global and societal trends like the ageing population and growing consumer empowerment demand an innovative and entrepreneurial ICT-enabled & -supported approach to health and wellbeing. ICT-based solutions are sought for that reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by detecting still relatively small (mental & physical) problems early and avoiding larger health events by suitable lifestyle interventions.

The summer school will introduce the topic of health and wellbeing and will explore the trends in the western world and developing countries that form a hazard for our health and wellbeing, and what it will take to reverse these trends. It will address ways to assess, measure (“quantified self”) and promote fitness and mental wellbeing. Startup ventures and research centres from the Lisbon area will bring us the state of the art of digital wellbeing by providing lifestyle oriented cases. Attention will also be given to usability and social aspects that are detrimental or beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

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