Retail, Markets, Consumer Engagement

EIT Digital Industry Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Helsinki, August 6 - August 18

The retail sector is changing fundamentally with the rise of e-commerce, consumer’s access to information and alternatives, and globalized markets. Dynamic and flexible omnichannel solutions – physical, online or blended – which enables the seamless consumer experience in exploration, in choice of products, payment and delivery.

It also enables collection and analysis of consumer trends and insights for logistics, retail operations and customer relations management. In this summer school, we will address the service innovations inspired by technologies like customer profiling, indoor navigation and large screen interfaces or augmented reality.

The summer school will include a number of lectures and workshops on business trends, consumer behaviour trends and recent new innovations in the retail area, as well as smart buildings. In addition, entrepreneurial capabilities are enhanced and trained through master classes on specific business aspects such as market research, venturing, etc.

The summer school will take place in the co-location centre of EIT Digital in Helsinki at the Open Innovation House in Espoo.

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