Decentralized Production

EIT Digital Industry Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Munich, July 30 - August 12

3D-Printing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality all describe components of a technology-driven process of organizational change to enable radical alterations of a company’s value creation, market access and customer and partner interaction.

To provide better customer experiences, companies are no longer competing with sole physical products but rather with a combination of physical products and services, so called Product Service Systems (PSS). This not only allows further differentiation of a product’s value proposition, but also requires significant changes in the traditional product development and manufacturing process, where data management and integration is applied covering the complete product lifecycle: design, simulation, production, distribution and consumer relations. Data will be collected real-time at the factory floor, from virtual and physical stores, and directly from customers.

Students will learn how to apply state of the art techniques for concept development, including Design Thinking and Video Prototyping to come up with innovative solutions and pitch their ideas. Furthermore, they will be able to develop and evaluate business models, perform an ecosystem analysis, and calculate a business case. All this is applied to the real cases of our industry partners.

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