Citizen Participation and City Governance

EIT Digital Cities Summer School

EIT Digital Summer Schools

Berlin, July 23 - August 5

Innovation in the city sector is not just bringing in new technologies, but about coming up with new social arrangements to create inclusive innovations which serve a broad base of users including disadvantaged groups. Nowhere else are innovations so closely and directly linked to the social and political sphere.

European cities are democratic by nature, constituted by their citizens and driven by diverse stakeholders from civil society, business, city administration and policy making. To cater for cities, demand knowledge and intelligent co-creation strategies are needed. For this, a solid knowledge of the city ecosystem is required.

The rationale of this summer school lies in the exploration of the citizen’s role in building the smart city: as active participants in shaping cities, as collaborative actors, as initiators of bottom-up processes and prosumers of data and services. For the summer school students, the understanding of the urban social fabric will lead to a more holistic understanding and enables them to develop business models that apply to contemporary urban challenges.

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