European Trusted Cloud Platform with Advanced Data and Service Management Ecosystem - Call for Participation (CFP) for SMEs

European Trusted Cloud Platform with Advanced Data and Service Management Ecosystem - Call for Participation (CFP) for SMEs

EIT ICT Labs' mission is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

The European Trusted Cloud Platform with Advanced Data and Service Management Ecosystem is Future Cloud action line's high impact initiative. The initiative started in Q4-2014 with a highly ambitious goal of aiming to lead to significant influence on European businesses and consumers' life. The collaborative initiative partners are building trusted cloud platform components and technologies. The aim is to provide consumers and businesses with better tools and services allowing greater control over the use of sensitive business and personal data hence creating a solid basis for a trusted European cloud business.


This CFP initiative opens the opportunity for established SMEs from Italy, Finland and the UK to join the consortium. The SMEs can be either users/customers of the platform components or contributors, which provide new functionality, services and/or technology utilizing the trusted platform components. Specifically, we are looking for proposals that have a strong business case and thus will kick-start the delivery of trusted products and services with high business impact. The proposals should focus on at least one of the following areas:

Track 1: Data Connectors and Data Exploitation on Personal Data Store

  • Personal and business applications exploiting personal data in privacy-preserving context
  • Connectors for securing personal data sets in personal clouds

Track 2: Trusted Cloud Solutions

  • Any SMEs looking for a safe cloud environment to integrate their applications and services
  • Cloud based applications with security requirements such as sensitivities to data leaks and integrity
  • Cloud-based services that enhance the security of cloud/hosted applications and/or data on public cloud platforms and that can augment, customise or otherwise enhance Trusted Cloud Platform solutions and associated services
  • Other applications, such as those intensive in processing and hosting requirements, or are ready for cloud deployment via an Enterprise Application Service Store, or can benefit from multi-cloud availability

Track 3: Data Science Experiment

  • Solutions (algorithms) and applications for global traffic exploiting data e.g. marine data from Thales.

The selected SMEs will be encouraged and supported to carry out the activities in the EIT ICT Labs' co-location centre offices in Helsinki, Trento or London except for Track 3, where the work must be carried out in the UK.

Why Participate

The main goal of this call is to provide successful applicants with funding (up to 50k€) to enhance their commercial offering using the range of novel capabilities of the trusted cloud platform components described below. In addition, there is potential to be awarded funding for travel to EIT ICT Labs' co-location centres in Helsinki, London or Trento. Participants will also receive guidance in integrating their offerings into these components. There are a number of additional benefits to be gained from working with this high profile European initiative, which are:

  • Access to EIT ICT labs regional business centres offering business coaching and support
  • Exposure of their commercial offerings to the EIT ICT Lab' community across Europe
  • Opportunities to meet potential investors and venture capitalists
  • Consortia partners are able to support SMEs with their challenges related to the various security/privacy and trust challenges.
  • Access to the Living Lab environment and experimentation support in Trento
  • The industrial partners (Telecom Italia, British Telecom, F-Secure, Thales and Ericsson) are also looking for potential business opportunities with SMEs, and a sustainable long-term business relationship with the applicants is a highly desirable outcome for the activity.


Call Process

Proposals can be submitted at any time from the opening date 4th December 2014 of the call until the final deadline 13th of February 2015 4pm CET. The applications must be made using the CFP template. The application shall be sent to SMEs are welcome to submit multiple proposals, but only one proposal per SME will be funded.

The industry review board, using the criteria described below, will evaluate the proposals. The successful applicants will be informed by the 27th of February.

Evaluation criteria:

  • SME has a concrete security/privacy/trust challenge to be solved
  • SME already has products/services in the market with customers
  • SME has the technical capability to integrate their offering to the trusted platform component(s)
  • Business Impact, market potential and maturity level of the proposed solution
  • The application has been submitted using the call template and all relevant information is provided

The initiative will organise a briefing event in London on the 19th of January 2015 @12:30-17:00. More information about the Interactive Future Cloud Clinic can be found here.

Business model

The selected SMEs will need to sign a sub-granting agreement to obtain sub-grant funding from EIT ICT Labs. The applicants can request any sum up to 50k€, but should justify their request. The level of funding will be dependent on the type and duration of the engagement. The work must be carried out and results must be delivered during 2015.

Following the completion of the sub-granting period, a number of commercial models for the concepts will emerge and those will be explored together with the partners case by case. The goal is for the collaboration and business to extend beyond the sub-granting period.

Partners will also discuss when starting the co-operation the determining ownership status of potential Foreground and more in particular on the terms and conditions applicable to Foreground, jointly created Foreground and/or access rights to the partners and selected SMEs participating to the activity.

Trusted Platform Components

The SMEs can be either users/customers of the platform or contributors, which provide new functionality, services and/or technology using the following trusted platform components provided by the Telecom Italia, British Telecom and F-Secure. Marine traffic data platform is provided by the Thales.

  1. My Data Store is a secure space where individuals can safely collect, store and manage all their valuable personal data, gathered in mobility (e.g. from the smartphone sensors, applications or connected devices) or generated by external services. It empowers users with full control over their personal data, and transparently manages how the data is disclosed and accessed by the different applications and services.
  2. Global Trusted Cloud Co-Innovation Platform provides a cloud enterprise service / application store, enabling SMEs to "on-board", publish and re-sell their applications, to protect them with various cloud security services and to deploy, host and manage their applications and data on the platform's Cloud Compute Infrastructure, other public clouds, private clouds and hybrids.
  3. Cloud Compute Infrastructure provides a cloud Infrastructure as a Service with advanced automation and self-management capabilities that enables SMEs to host their applications and take advantage of various value adding trusted cloud services
  4. Intelligent Protection - Cloud Service Store Edition is a cloud security service designed to address SME needs to simplify the process of protecting virtual servers and hosted applications on cloud infrastructures against malware, intrusions, data leaks and cyber-attacks
  5. Secure Cloud Storage - Service Store Edition provides a volume/file-level encryption service to protect data in public and private clouds and help meet regulatory compliance requirements whilst empowering SMEs to manage their own keys and data protection policy.
  6. Content Cloud - Content Cloud platform is designed for partners who want to offer their customer base a secure content cloud solution to store, consume, share, find and organize their images, documents and other content across various devices and computers. Content Cloud, offered as a service, also provides a robust security architecture, security features, malware protection, user authentication and other important features that are needed for secure cloud based file handling and storing.
  7. Younited is a cloud service for consumers and SMBs that has been developed on top of the Content Cloud. Younited is everything that users need from a content-centric online storage, share and sync solution in one compelling package.
  8. Data Science Platform is a Big Data as a service Platform, which is available as a sandbox to support the marine traffic analytics cases. This Platform includes infrastructure as a service, PAAS (Hadoop, In Memory) as well as data science analytics open-source based solutions.

For more information on the trusted platform components please email:

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