For universities & research centres

Our value proposition for universities & research centres

Build your entrepreneurial reputation in education & research

  • Stand out with excellent education & research programmes at the frontier of both technology & society.

Speed up the business & societal impact of your research

  • Develop usage-driven research by getting intimate with the latest industry trends and needs.
  • See your research being taken up by the market through startups, SMEs and corporations.

Accelerate your human capital agenda

  • Access and recruit new talent. Hire interns or employees who have followed a certified blended tech/entrepreneurship curriculum at Masters or Doctoral level.
  • Develop your people. By participating to joint projects in multidisciplinary teams at our Co-Location Centers, your staff will open up, enrich their skills and be inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset of our community in a true Open Innovation setting.

How can you get involved with us?

  • Bring your top teachers to our schools
  • Bring your entrepreneurial research to our activities
  • Connect your technology transfer instruments to our European and global gateway

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