For businesses

Our value proposition for businesses

Embracing open innovation

  • Experiment with new products and business models. Try out ideas and experiment with products and services that would be difficult to grow in your current company environment - by leveraging on our rich ecosystem. Accelerate your innovation cycle and develop your new market offerings (including spin-offs).
  • Adopt technology. Get intimate access to Europe’s top disruptive technologies and transfer them to strengthen your own offer.
  • Access to startups. Have an opportunity to review, collaborate with, and even invest in high growth European startups that we have carefully selected.

Monetising your current R&D investments

  • Find channels and partners so as to quickly bring the output of your past research programs, research projects and other R&D investments to the market.

Accelerating your human capital agenda

  • Access and recruit new talent. Hire interns or employees who have followed a certified blended tech/entrepreneurship curriculum at Masters or Doctoral level.
  • Develop your people. By participating to joint projects in multidisciplinary teams at our Co-Location Centers, your staff will open up, enrich their skills and be inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset of our community in a true Open Innovation setting.

Leveraging a pan-European ecosystem

  • Access Pan-European multidisciplinary environments. Access to a set of Co-Location Centers across Europe for joint meetings and joint projects; in these Centers you will meet a large diversity of information technology experts and entrepreneurs: engineers, researchers, students, business developers etc.
  • Access the leading European ecosystem in information technology. Be part of a network of over 130 leading European technology players: enterprises, SMEs, startups, universities, research centers etc. Get quick introductions at all levels of any organization. Make your voice heard and impact the ecosystem, Europe and the world.

How can you get involved with us?

  • Participate to the Call for activities

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