eWaste - A cross KIC project

eWaste - A cross KIC project

The ever growing use of electronic equipment and devices and their ever shortening life cycle makes the management of electronic waste a priority that needs to be addressed at the technical and social-cultural level.

The three EIT KICs active in Italy, Climate, Raw Materials and Digital, are joining forces to identify technologies for eWaste treatment and recycle and are setting up a pilot with selected players in Italy. The initiative focuses on cell phones/modems End of Life (over 85,000 cell phones are discarded every day in Italy) but aims at creating a spring board for a comprehensive approach to eWaste to be implemented in the second phase of the initiative, jointly with local territory in Italy and in Europe.

Workshop eWaste - Naples (Italy)

December 19, 2016

The workshop was held in the Historic Library of the University Federico II in Naples. It was well attended by people with a variety of experiences.

In the morning a focus group involving local Institutions, industries in the recycling and manufacturing as well as Telecom Service providers discussed the current processes and how technology can improve them. One of the clear messages emerging was the importance of the cultural aspects and therefore of dedicating efforts to raise awareness.

In the afternoon the EIT structure and the EIT Climate/Digital and Raw Materials were presented followed by a presentation of the current recycling processes adopted by TIM, involving both cell phones, modems and switches.

The Federico II University has several departments with competences in the various aspects of Products end of life as it emerged through presentations at the workshop.

The event was closed by Naples Innovation Councillor, Assessora Fascione, who expressed the Municipaly interest in this area and pointed out that although eWaste represents a small part of the overall waste disposal, it is an important part because of the potential of environmental poisoning resulting from heavy metals and because of the potential revenues that can be generated by recovering precious compounds.

The three KICs have shown, through joint effort in this project, that working together in certain areas can result in a much more comprehensive approach and a better understanding to possible solutions.

A full report will be available early next year.

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