EIT Digital 2021: For a strong Digital Europe

EIT Digital 2021: For a strong Digital Europe

Applications for EIT Digital 2021 are now closed.

Dear reader,

In these difficult times we want you to know that at EIT Digital we are strongly committed, now more than ever, in supporting innovation and education. We believe these challenging times to be an opportunity to come together as a community and keep innovating and investing in the next generation of European talent.

To that end, we are constantly working to make sure that this year's call for proposals, EIT Digital 2021, will be a great success for European entrepreneurs and innovators alike. The whole EIT Digital team is mobilised to support you in building your proposals, connecting with European partner teams and facilitating your proposal submission through a fully online experience. 

Please note that if your activity is selected, it will typically start in January 2021. So, plan for your future right now by submitting your plan to launch a digital tech startup or product, or deliver an entrepreneurial education programme. The application deadline is May 7. Read on!

Submit a proposal to join us in boosting entrepreneurship and education for a strong Digital Europe

EIT Digital opens its proposal submission period for 'EIT Digital 2021' in order to launch the construction of 2021 activities. 'EIT Digital 2021' targets entrepreneurial minds planning to:

  • Launch a digital tech startup or product with the EIT Digital Innovation Factory


  • Deliver entrepreneurial digital tech education programmes with the EIT Digital Entrepreneurial Academy.

EIT Digital's work programme 2021 will be guided by the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2020-2022. It identifies 5 strategic areas which startups, products and education programmes should contribute to in order to build a strong digital Europe:


  • Proposal System opens: March 5, 2020
  • Information sessions at EIT Digital CLCs: March 10, 2020
  • Brokerage Sessions by Video Conference: March 24-26, 2020
    • Recordings and slides from proposal pitches held on March 24-26 are available on the
      EIT Digital 2021 Intranet To have access to the EIT Digital Intranet please see the below section entitled 'How to Participate'.
  • Brokerage Follow-up Sessions by Video Conference: April 22, 2020
  • Proposal System closes: May 7, 2020 at 6pm CEST (hard deadline, no extension will be granted)
  • See the EIT Digital 2021 document (link below under 'How to participate') for the detailed timeline.
Planning to launch a digital tech startup or product?Planning to deliver an entrepreneurial digital tech education programme?
Come work with us and participate in the:Come work with us and participate in the:



  • Build your deep-tech startup with EIT Digital!
  • The EIT Digital Innovation Factory supports pan-European entrepreneurial teams from business, education and research organisations to launch new startups and new products.
  • Our 2021 focus will be on startup-creating activities which will account for 70% of our portfolio, against 30% of product-launching activities.
  • Proposals should address a specific business pain in either of our 5 strategic areas. They also include a specific plan presenting a technology solution and clear go-to-market route to launch the startup or minimum viable product.
  • Proposers should build a pan-European innovation team of 2 to 5 complementary organisations embedded in EIT Digital’s ecosystem and ready to collaborate intensively on a joint innovation plan for 1 year.
  • If you are selected, EIT Digital will co-invest in your plan to support you in packaging your technology, signing up customers and attracting investors. Co-investment comes with a return on investment expectation through startup equity shares or financial return on products.
  • Propose learning experiences emulating the latest disruptive technology and business model changes!
  • The EIT Digital Entrepreneurial Academy supports the development and deployment of programmes and courses contributing to the digital transformation of Europe.
  • In 2021, we seek proposals from pan-European teams from higher education institutes and digital companies for the 3 Schools in our Academy.
  • Proposals for our Master School focusing on the improvement of current entrepreneurial courses. Alternatively, academic partners may send their proposals to join as new entry or exit university and deploy Master School programmes within our network of outstanding Universities.
  • Join our Professional School to create new blended-learning courses at the forefront of innovation and technology.
  • Partner with us to deploy our Summer Schools tackling the real-life business challenges faced by our digital entrepreneurs in Europe.
  • If you are selected, EIT Digital will co-invest in your plan, with a return on investment expectation. Partners are invited to include a cost-revenue sharing plan in their proposal with revenue projections.
Participate in EIT Digital 2021: your first step in conquering the world!Join EIT Digital 2021: Shape a new generation of digital entrepreneurs!

No Innovation without Education

Get a strong competitive advantage by connecting Innovation and Education in your proposal.

Have a proposal for the EIT Digital Innovation Factory?

  • Get access to the entrepreneurial talents of our Academy by offering internship positions to our students in your Innovation Activity.
  • Benefit from the entrepreneurial skills of our graduates by involving them in your team.

Have a proposal for the EIT Digital Entrepreneurial Academy?

  • Include real business challenges from our Innovation Activities in your Summer School proposal.
  • Develop a Professional School programme aligned with our strategic focus areas to ensure companies acquire the right leadership capacity, workforce skills and corporate culture conducive to digital transformation.

How to participate?

  • Download: EIT Digital 2021 - detailed description of proposal requirements and submission process
  • Co-funding requirement: EIT Digital co-invests in your plans to create value. The minimum co-funding requirements set for partners per area are explained in the EIT Digital 2021 Proposal Requirements document.
  • Partnership requirement: EIT Digital is a partnership organisation. This implies that proposers are expected to be or become partner of EIT Digital. Organisations that are not yet a Partner are expected to submit their application for partnership latest at the moment of submission of the proposal. Please see Partnership models (PDF) for more information about becoming an EIT Digital partner.
    • If your organisation is not a Partner, please provide us with
      some information The form should be filled in by the person who will act as central contact person ("Project Officer") with EIT Digital.

      Information to be collected to register as a partner in EIT Digital includes among others:
      • Partner Legal Name
      • Brief description of organisation
      • Added value to EIT Digital
      • Partner Type.  See Partnership models (PDF)
      • VAT registration number
      • EU PIC number if available
      • Official Registration number (at chamber of commerce, local court, etc)
      via the questionnaire for new organisations. This will start the partner application process and put you in contact with the relevant CLC / Node. At the same time this will allow you to register for access to the EIT Digital Intranet and its proposal submission system.
    • If your organisation is not a Partner, but has successfully registered via the above questionnaire: go to EIT Digital 2021 Intranet page.
    • If your organisation is already a Partner of EIT Digital: go directly to EIT Digital 2021 Intranet page.
  • Ecosystem requirement: The activities are typically executed in and around the EIT Digital Co-Location Centres (CLCs) for community building. Should you need assistance in finding partners of EIT Digital to collaborate with, or have further questions about EIT Digital in general and EIT Digital 2021 in particular, please contact the relevant Node Director.
  • Other requirements: Please read carefully the Proposal Requirements document available at the top of this section.

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EIT Digital 2021

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